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  • Katherine is working on
    In Need of Luck, the
    next Aleister Luck book.
  • Eric is working on PHYSICa (P1G2) the direct sequel to PHYSIC (P1G1).
  • Eric is also working on BLaCK (P5G1), a future story set in the PHYSIC universe.

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Martian Engineer's cover

The Martian Engineer's Notebook, Volume 1 & 2
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Science and Engineering are inherently dramatic enterprises. Initial impressions of how something should work are often inaccurate. First attempts at calculating what an outcome should be often aren't complete. Creative imagination and persistence can often find its way around seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Shortsightedness can render dire threats invisible and lead to ruin.

The Martian Engineering Notebook is a scientific supplement and critique of The Martian by Andy Weir. It contains explanations of scientific concepts and detailed solutions to problems related to the challenges of Mark Watney's ordeal on Mars. Should he have survived? What did he get right? What did he get wrong? What did he get wrong, but it didn't matter? These are the kinds of questions that The Martian Engineering Notebook seeks to provide researched and organized answers to.

Volume 1 covers weather on Mars and an in-depth analysis of the resources at Mark's disposal as well as what it takes to build a farming ecosystem on Mars.

Volume 2 covers the process of burning hydrazine inside the Hab and the thermodynamic consequences.

Genre: Non-Fiction

PHYSIC cover

Available for FREE from these retailers: Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, and B&N (Nook).
Also available in paperback!


PHYSIC is an adventure of discovery where engineering and the scientific approach, rather than derring-do, save the day.

Ysenof engages the world in terms of elementary physics. He can manipulate matter and energy, but his focus on fundamentals fails with people. He could change the world, but needs help. Abby Skipper is a people person and mind reader. Special Agent John Clark sees connections. Pauline Morcet is indestructible and haunted by a violent alter ego. Together, they will find out what made them PHYSIC.

Luck for Hire cover

Available for FREE from these retailers: Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, and B&N (Nook).
Also available in paperback!

If science is a product of observation, then magic is the manipulation of what isn't or can't be observed. Private investigators are often generously described as "down on their luck." They are the good guys, helping the helpless, regardless of the cost. Sherlock Holmes rarely accepted payment from clients of little means.

Aleister Luck, despite his magic, has not had celebrities and nobility knock on his door. A native of Las Vegas, he gambles at the casinos for pocket money when he isn't finding clients in need. On a whim, he investigates the law firm of Devine, Chance & Merit and runs afoul of the greatest danger to his magic: his snoopy ex-girlfriend.

Felix Benes' gene-based cancer diagnostic will recommend against many profitable but useless or harmful treatments. His funding has been cut and he fears he's being hunted. While Dana Spelman, his attorney at DCM, evaluates the viability of his case, he disappears. Then, she attracts the attention of the sort of men that might make someone disappear. As Dana evades them, she runs into her gambling-addicted loser ex-boyfriend.

As they uncover the labyrinthine conspiracy behind Benes' disappearance, Luck's magic will struggle against Dana's efforts to survive.

Genre: Speculative Fiction Detective Thriller



Weordan is a world with too much carbon and not enough oxygen. The people of Weordan have deep black skin to protect them from the unblocked ultraviolet radiation that emits from their star, Agnos. Their lives are devoid of breath and fire, and the chemistry of their glowing yellow blood drives their technology, which they call apothos.

Apothos is a personal technology practiced by apothynom, talented men and women who train to build their metabolic capacity and hone their skill at directing that energy in novel ways. They construct apothic machines called emetanisms, used as tools to enhance their personal apothic capacity and also to perform simple tasks in place of apothic effort.

Learn more about Weordan, the setting of the Apothic Man series.

Book #1 of The Apothic Man

In the apothocratic city of Kenos, Alcander, an old man with a decrepit body and shattered sense of self, has a murderous plan to seize power and regain youth to replace a life he can't remember. Investigating a body with bizarre wounds fished from the bay are a middling apothynom, Inspector Paulos Gaent, and a religious objector to apothynom rule, Clerk Teria Bellaphaerenous. At cross-purposes, a private detective, Laros Nero, is hired by an anonymous client to track down Alcander for reasons other than justice.

However, it will take more than keen investigative skills to stop Alcander. It will require the unearthing of dark apothic knowledge that has been buried for an age.

Genre: Retro-Punk Alternate-World Mystery

MODEL SPECIES is available for FREE
from these retailers: Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, and B&N (Nook)

MODEL SPECIES: The Apothic Edition

The Apothic Edition of Model Species includes:

  • Bonus short story "A Game of Moths"
  • Handy glossary of terms
  • Exclusive map of Goeteria
  • Better formatted version of the text

Available for $3.99 USD from Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Book #2 of The Apothic Man

In the Radiant Agnosian Empire, emetanisms and apothic methods from outside are restricted. The culcursus of an apothynom and the implants of the Oinos are illegal. Apothos is a sacred act that comes from Agnos, their god, the sun.

In Florey, the banking capitol of the Radiant Agnosian Empire, there is unrest. Agnos is smiting the wicked with Divine Fire. Neltiar Silva, an apothynom from the Polities, and Marie Lemieux, a woman possessing a verboten Oinos implant, want to know why and how. As they dig deeper, they find out the real reason men are dying.

Available from Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble for $0.99 USD.

DIVINE FIRE: The Apothic Edition

The Apothic Edition of Divine Fire includes:

  • Bonus short story "The Blunder Games"
  • Expanded glossary of terms
  • Exclusive map of the Radiant Agnosoan Empire

Download Divine Fire: The Apothic Edition for $3.99 at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Model Species Cover
Divine Fire Cover
The Blunder Games

Available FREE from these retailers:
Amazon (Kindle), Smashwords, and B&N (Nook).

Lucinda Harris is very put out.

One of her oldest friends, Rebecca O'Malley, has married an impetuous Irishman. The fortnight-long party at the O'Malley's newly-inherited rural Ohio Manor is filled with some of the most common people. The Manor itself is in poor condition and staffed by three mostly incompetent servants. Worst of all, Lucinda has been murdered.

Lucinda is determined to solve the mystery of her own death, but unfortunately for the guests of the Manor, the only thing more haunted than the house is Lucinda Harris.