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Model Species (novel)
Science Fiction / Mystery. Weordan series.
Currently seeking representation for this work.
Read an excerpt from Model Species.

Divine Fire (novel)
Science Fiction / Mystery. Weordan series.
In Progress.
Read an excerpt from Divine Fire.

Fuel Eaters (novel)
Science Fiction / Mystery. Weordan series.
In Progress.

Pas de Chat (novel)
Updated every Sunday.
On April 11, 2010, I began posting a chapter per week of Pas de Chat.

In a Chicago alley, a man is murdered, viciously shredded. The only clue is the woman’s wallet that leads Detective Jason Tobel to Joanne, a former ballet prodigy that has sunk to bartending to make ends meet. He’s not the only one investigating Joanne. Nathan Smith, a PI hired by Joanne’s mother, has finally caught up with her as well. The only thing that stands in their way is Ian Dien, and what Dien is protecting extends far beyond Joanne and the violence that seems to follow her.

Luck for Hire (novel) Urban Fantasy.
In Progress.
Read proof-of-concept vignettes and excerpts at the Luck for Hire blog.



Lucinda at the Window (novel)
Gothic Mystery.
Originally published in 2009 by Stone Garden Publishing. Awaiting re-release.
DOWNLOAD Chapter 1! (PDF)


As Katherine Miller

"A Summer at Home" (short story)
Children, Churches and Daddies, Scars Publications, Vol. 77, March 1996
Editor's Choice Award, Scars Publication, Sulphur and Sawdust anthology,
Summer 1995

"The Writer" (short story)
Laurus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring, 1996

"Kings and Pawns" (short story)
Lincoln Review, Inaugural Issue 1997

"Driving" (poem)
Laurus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 1997

2nd Place in the 1997 Wilber Gaffney Expository Writing Award Contest, Universtiy of Nebraska-Lincoln (various short pieces)

"Consequences" (flash fiction)
Included in thirteen, 52|250's quarterly, September 2010

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As Katherine Miller

"Midnight at the Raven" & "Consumption" (poems)
Delirium, issue #3, 1996

"Image of Darkness" & "Transylvanian Invocation" (poems)
O-Negative, Preternatural Press, October 1995

"A Victorian Quatrain" (poem)
Rouge et Nior/O-Negative, Preternatural Press, issue #7 October 1996

As Katherine Nabity

"On the Way to Rockbrook" (poem)
Decompositions, September 2001

"Matthew Says There Was an Earthquake" (flash fiction)
Included in twentysix, 52|250's quarterly, December 2010

"Breakfast in the Garden" (short story)
Bards and Sages Quarterly, Volume 3, Issue 1. January 2011


As Katherine Nabity

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