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So, Eric’s on his way to Nebraska to visit family and, due to my earlier trip and other circumstances, I’m not.

Eric and I have continued talking about Luck for Hire. I’m going to start writing some vignettes. The plan is: I write things, things that will probably be wrong in the context of the world we’re trying to build. Eric will critique them. If there’s hope for the piece at that point, I’ll do a rewrite and they’ll probably get posted here as #FridayFlash. Which means, the first vignette is due tomorrow at 6-7pm AZ time. Eric will bounce it back to me that evening or Friday morning. It’s good to have a deadline, but also a little scary. Our last few projects have been very start-stop. Do I still know how to do this?

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In July of 2010, Katherine and Eric Nabity began work on a novel featuring Mr. Luck. This blog includes some proof-of-concept vignettes, progress notes, "alternate takes", and commentary on the collaborative process that Eric and Katherine engage in.

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