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In grade school, Eric was one of the kids in the dumb reading group. Not the ordinary dumb reading group, but the special one that consisted of the poorest readers across several grades. Once he discovered Tolkien, he spent more time reading than most.

Eric has had a lifelong love of learning new things and conflict with the way the majority would prefer he encode that information. Disillusionment, laziness and a healthy dose of masochism led him to drop out of a floundering effort at the University of Nebraska and to join the Air Force as communications operator. Despite a poorly choreographed transition, he was fortunate enough to work with a group of resourceful young men that were part of the vast backbone that built the DoD’s internet infrastructure with very little meaningful training.

After the military scared him back into school, he met his wife Katherine, who has allowed him to collaborate with her while his own writing skills were inadequate to the task.

Before writing his first novel, Eric spent eight years working on computer models of electronic wires as an engineer in the electronics industry. Then he spent another four on a computer model of neuronal wire(dendrite) growth in grad school. Even though he is more qualified in the engineering and study of electronic and organic computing, Eric finds himself far more interested in writing about their potential.

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